UK QB Platinum Bull 1 oz 2019

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This new one ounce platinum coin is the fifth release in a brand new series of ten issues. Each of the ten coins in this new series will feature a heraldic animal of the British Royal Family. This is the fifth one ounce platinum coin released by the UK's Royal Mint.

Highlights of this Coin:

  • Contains one troy ounce of .9995 fine platinum.
  • Each coin has a £100 legal tender face value in the United Kingdom.
  • Obverse design features a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, updated for 2019.
  • Reverse design features a unicorn, one of England's most famous heraldic creatures.
  • Fifth of ten coins in a new series.
  • Individual coins are shipped in a protective coin flip. Orders of 10 come in original mint sealed tubes. Orders of 100 come in a mint sealed box.


In 1536, the infamous King Henry VIII commissioned the carving of ten stone sculptures in honor of his marriage to Jane Seymour (they were engaged the day after the execution of his previous wife, Anne Boleyn). Each of the ten animals depicted in the sculptures represent the heraldry of different branch of Henry and Jane's respective ancestries. These sculptures - the "King's Beasts" - stand to this day on a moat bridge at Henry VIII's primary English residence, Hampton Court Palace.

In advance of Queen Elizabeth II's coronation in 1953, some four hundred years later, a similar set of sculptures were commissioned. These sculptures also depicted the different mythical creatures representing the various branches of Elizabeth's family in the heraldic system. The sculptures themselves were plaster, not stone, and are now on display indoors at a museum in Canada. Stone replicas are on display in Kew Gardens, London.

This new series of coins from the Royal Mint honors these ten mythical creatures: the Queen's Beasts. In addition to a one ounce platinum coin, a two ounce silver coin, a 1/4 oz gold coin, a 10 oz silver coin and a one ounce gold coin will also be produced for each of the ten animals in the series. This coin, featuring the English Unicorn, is the fourth in the series.

UK QB Platinum Bull 1 oz 2019
UK QB Platinum Bull 1 oz 2019
UK QB Platinum Bull 1 oz 2019
UK QB Platinum Bull 1 oz 2019

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