1 oz 2018 South Korean Canis Silver Coin

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Featuring Canis, one of the 12 ZiSin, this release is the second in this silver coin series from South Korea. These 2018 1 oz South Korean Zi:Sin Canis Silver Medals will make wonderful additions to both precious metals portfolios and silver collections.

The Zi:Sin are believed to be the 12 guardians of the world. They serve as the heads of the armies of God and lead them into battle against evil foces that oppresses mankind.

Each of these coins contains 1 troy ounce of 0..999 pure silver. Moreover, they are struck by KOMSCO (Korea Minting and Security Printing Coporation) with the full backing of the government and carry values of 1 Clay each.

The obverses feature a brilliant rendition of Do Ggae Bi, an ugly creature that is believed to ward off evil spirits. They are hung by Koreans on the edge of roofing tiles as a way to protect their homes from these spirits.

On the other hand, the reverses display Canis, one of the 12 Zi:Sin. This guardian, like the other 11 guardians, brings a unique set of powers to aid in the battle against evil.

These 2018 1 oz South Korean ZI:Sin Canish Silver Medals are integral parts of the brand-new Zi:Sin series of silver medals from South Korea. With a mintage of just 40,000 medals, collectors hoping to collect the full set cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity to snag one!

1 oz 2018 South Korean Canis Silver Coin
1 oz 2018 South Korean Canis Silver Coin

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