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Precious Metals IRA

Diversify your investment portfolio with precious metals, you can now transfer or rollover your existing 401k, IRA, Annuity, or qualified retirement account into a Precious Metals IRA that includes physical gold or silver.

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Invest Money & Savings with Physical Precious Metals

Include physical gold coins, silver coins, or other precious metals in your retirement savings plan. This can be an effective way to safeguard your retirement funds against inflation and market volatility while adding a tangible asset to your investment mix.

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From Concerned to Confident

Unleashing the Power of Diversification

Worried about...

  • government control over your money?
  • the devaluation of the U.S. dollar?
  • the trackability of digital currency?
  • volatility affecting you stock market investments?
  • high inflation rates?

Invest with Certainty: The 5 P's Approach to True Diversification


Untrackable by the government and big banks, your gold is safe from oversight and interference.


Precious metals are regarded as the most reliable hedge against recession, inflation, and overall market volatility.


Gold has historically increased in value over time. In the last 20 years, the price of gold has risen - 400%.


Gold can preserve purchasing power and protects your hard- earned wealth through true diversification.


Gold is typically viewed as a hedge against inflation and geopolitical instability, and has an inverse relationship with the stock market.


Great experience, warm and professional team

We made the decision to diversify our investments and add physical gold & silver soon after retirement. It was a stressful time, but Gold Financial Group answered all of our questions and explained the process slowly so I can understand. They were very patient and promptly returned my calls. The transfer was smooth and they made it seamless for us. I know I sleep better at night knowing I don't have all of my 'eggs' in the stock market basket. I have the protection from the extreme low dips of the market. I store my own metals and have something tangible if ever necessary. These days feels good to be prepared. Thank you Gold Financial Group, you were great to work with.

Gerry L

Expectations Met & Exceeded!

For a long time I have been interested in investing in gold and silver. I had no clue how to accomplish this. Then I was introduced to The Gold Financial Group and my broker, Charlie B. Everything changed that day. I was unhappy with how my retirement account was being handled by another company and needed to make a change. Charlie B. helped guide me through the process of investing in gold and silver. He has made my journey so painless. Every transaction has been well planned and has gone smoothly. Charlie is the ultimate professional. He has abundant expertise in his field, is attentive to my needs, easy to do business with and makes me very comfortable in previously uncharted territory for me. His attention to detail is impressive, always follows-through with commitments as promised. Calls and emails are attended to in a timely fashion. Charlie makes me feel as if I'm his only client. He is an honorable man. I believe he exemplifies the best of the corporate culture of The Gold Financial Group. Every person I have had contact with at The Gold Financial Group has been positive. Personnel are pleasant, helpful, polite and above reproach. I am very comfortable asking questions and I receive useful, experienced, prompt honest answers. The Gold Financial Group has gone above and beyond my expectations. I am looking forward to a long, profitable relationship in the years ahead. Thank you, The Gold Financial Group!

Linda T.

Folks you can trust.

Searching for someone to trust with my inheritance, I'm grateful to have found Charlie and The Gold Financial Group. Charlie was professional, patient, and knowledgeable in guiding me through the process of rolling over my inherited IRA to a Gold IRA. He readily answered questions and took time to develop a professional, trusting relationship. The Gold Financial Group provides timely transactions, competent staff, quarterly reports, and personal attention. Whether you are purchasing gold and silver to store or establishing a gold/silver IRA, you'll be happy you trusted Charlie and The Gold Financial Group. I highly recommend their services. Susan J.

Susan J.

Peace of Mind

I rolled over my IRA into physical gold and silver. I had been thinking of it for some time. I didn't think it was possible and my other concern is I didn't think it was going to be real, but a paper certificate. Well, Russell helped me do my due diligence, was very patient with all my issues, and now I have real gold in my IRA! I no longer have to worry about the stock market. I highly recommend it to anyone who's worked hard to save and but is worried about losing most or all of what you worked hard for. Scott C.

Scott C.

Five stars well deserved!

I'm very happy with my experience with Gold Financial group. I wanted to rollover my IRA since losing money in the stock market. Glad I found really knowledgable company who is NOT pushy sales people. They let me decide and held my hand through the process. It was fast and easy. I can rest assured that my hard earned savings is now invested in physical gold and silver. I'm very pleased with my experience and their customer service. Five stars well deserved!

Ralph M.