Delaware Depository: Your Solution to Securely Storing Precious Metals

Precious Metals Storage

As a precious metals investor, one of the most important decisions you will face is how to store your gold and silver. While keeping them at home or in a bank safe deposit box might seem convenient, it can be risky and fraught with complications. Delaware Depository, a privately held precious metals custody and distribution center, offers a secure and convenient solution for storing your precious metals.

Strategically Located Delaware Depository for Superior Service

Delaware Depository, founded in 1999, is a reputable depository institution that provides precious metals bullion custody, safekeeping, and distribution services for IRA custodians, financial institutions, broker-dealers, refiners, and individual investors. Strategically located in Wilmington, DE, away from the threats associated with major political and financial centers, it is licensed with the CME Group for the storage of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Delaware Depository offers two storage locations in the US and internationally in Canada or Switzerland, providing convenience and flexibility to its customers.

Full Precious Metals IRA Compliance and Administrative Convenience

Delaware Depository meets unique qualifications for bullion held in its physical possession to conform to IRS requirements and be acceptable as an investment in individual retirement accounts (IRAs). The process of taking delivery, shipping, or transferring to your broker, dealer, or custodian is quick and easy. With its prompt processing, you can have ready access to your bullion.

Secure Your Precious Metals Investments from Creditors

Bullion held at Delaware Depository is fully allocated, held off-balance sheet, and subject only to customer instructions. This means that customers are recognized as the sole owner and title holder of their investment at all times. Moreover, Delaware Depository has no debt, does not lend, pledge, or encumber any bullion in its care, which means that your precious metals investment is safe from creditors.

State-of-the-Art Security Measures

Delaware Depository adheres to “defense in depth” security controls and procedures to protect customer assets from theft or damage. Its physically fortified, access-controlled facilities have high-security vaults and extensive security monitoring. The bullion is continuously reconciled and audited by internal and external auditors, and Delaware Depository maintains $1 billion in all-risk insurance through Lloyd’s of London.

Highly Experienced, Responsive, and Friendly Staff

Delaware Depository is managed and operated by precious metals professionals with extensive experience in customer-oriented depository services. Storage fees are competitive, and customer service is responsive and friendly. Delaware Depository values its customers' privacy and ensures that account activity and personal information are held in strict confidence.

Peace of Mind with Delaware Depository

Delaware Depository provides a secure, convenient, and reliable solution for storing your precious metals. It's layers of physical and electronic security, systems, internal control, and legal protections render it one of the most secure operations of its kind. This gives precious metals investors peace of mind that is worth its weight in gold. So if you're ready to start your precious metals IRA, Delaware Depository is the solution to secure your investment.

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