Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The Gold Financial Group collects the pieces of information that are provided by their clients when they subscribe to the company’s newsletter or when they fill out the form when they register. The company takes note of the basic information that individuals include such as name and email address. Clients are also requested to provide their mailing address or their phone numbers. Those who are interested to check the company may visit the website without having to register their names.

Uses of the information gathered

The details that clients provide for the Gold Financial Group may be used in any of the following

1. To provide for the information needed by the clients as requested by them

It is important to know that the details that the clients have given out to the company will not be sold to third party users. The data are likewise not exchanged or transferred to other companies for whatever reason or purpose it may be. The clients will have to give their consent in case their information will be used by others except when the company is fulfilling its role in providing the requested information.

2. Email Correspondence

The clients’ email will be used to send out messages, news, updates, products and services that the Gold Financial Group may offer. Individuals may unsubscribe from this messaging system of the company in case they do not want to receive any information in the future. The company provides this option at the end of each newsletter or messages that they have sent through the emails.

The use of cookies

The company sends out small files or cookies to capture the needed information from their client’s computer system. This may be done only if the clients would allow the company to do so. The cookies are sent into the clients’ computer hard drives so that data may be compiled and stored. This may be used later to help the company in providing better solutions to the needs of their clients.

The cookies provide the Gold Financial Group important information about site traffic and interaction. The company may also seek the help of third-party service providers in order for them to understand their visitors and clients. However, the services providers are not given the opportunity to make use of the information that they have gathered for the company.

Collected information and outside parties

The Gold Financial Group assures their clients that they do not allow outside parties to gain access to the information that they have provided. The company does not sell or transfer the information entrusted to them. However, third parties who assist the company in its operation over the internet may have access to the information provided with the agreement to keep personally identifiable information as confidential information.

The company reserves the right to give information under circumstances that requires them to do so like when complying with specified laws, when enforcing the policies of the site and when protecting the rights of the company and the rights of others. Other pieces of information that are classified as non-personally identifiable may be given out to other parties for the purposes of advertising or other marketing campaigns.

Compliance with the Online Privacy Protection Act

The Gold Financial Group takes into consideration the privacy of their clients so they have taken the necessary steps to comply with the Online Privacy Protection Act and other laws that protect the right to privacy of individuals. Clients are given the assurance that the company will never distribute their personal data to other parties without their permission.

Compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection

The company also complies with the policies as stipulated by the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). The Gold Financial Group does not get any information from children below 13 years old. The company’s products as well as services are offered to individuals from ages 13 and above.

Client’s consent

Individuals who make use of the official website of the Gold Financial Group are requested to signify their consent on the company’s policy on website privacy.

Privacy Policy Changes

The company reserves the right to make any changes on their privacy policy as deemed necessary.