Gold & Silver Bullion & Numismatic Collectible Sales Taxes by State

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Why the change in Sales Tax?


The Supreme Court of the United States dramatically altered the tax collection landscape with its June 2018 Wayfair Inc. ruling. South Dakota's argument was that it was losing out on local sales taxes as consumers increasingly shifted to online shopping.

Previously, the 1992 Quill Corp v. North Dakota case established the precedent in which online retailers were not required to collect sales tax on out-of-state sales. Fast-forward to 2018 and SCOTUS essentially eliminated that standard, permitting states to enforce tax collection laws on online retailers.

As a consequence, online retailers must now navigate diverse rates and regulations throughout the nation.

At Gold Financial Group, we are adapting to these changes and striving to simplify the purchasing process for our customers by providing a clear understanding of their total sales figure prior to checkout.

States Where We Currently Collect Sales Tax

We presently charge sales tax on the following states in some form.


Providing Clarity to our Customers at the Gold Financial Group

At Gold Financial Group, we're committed to making purchasing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper easier to understand. We will only charge sales tax in certain states, and in those states, the tax varies based on the product type. Some states don't charge tax for bullion coins, while others do for numismatic products and accessories like flips, capsules, and apparel.

Take, for example, Texas, where sales tax applies to non-bullion items sent to a Texas address by Gold Financial Group, including copper, palladium, and accessories like coin holders, tubes, flips, and apparel. In contrast, Vermont charges sales tax on all shipped products to a Vermont address.

We encourage you to check our interactive map before purchasing, so you know exactly how much sales tax you'll pay for your favorite precious metal items. Our goal is to eliminate the confusion around purchasing these products so you can make informed decisions.