All Hell Is About To Break Loose In The World Financial System

Today, a renowned expert known for his predictions on quantitative easing (QE) and significant movements in currencies and metals has informed King World News that the global financial system is on the brink of chaos.

On June 17, Egon von Greyerz, Founder of VON GREYERZ AG, stated: At the end of a monetary era, numerous dominoes will fall, first gradually and then suddenly, as Hemingway described the process of going bankrupt.

Key dominoes expected to fall include political, geopolitical, currency, debt, and investment assets.

The consequences will be severe, potentially leading to social unrest, war, hyperinflation, deflationary asset implosion, debt defaults, and more.

However, when the turmoil subsides, there will be counterbalancing forces, such as the rise of powerful BRICS nations, often supported by commodities.

Gold will play a crucial role during this transition. Central banks, sovereign wealth funds, and investors will increasingly turn to gold as the most stable asset in a collapsing system. This will drive a significant revaluation of gold, as its limited supply cannot meet rising demand without higher prices.

The likely outcome will be a substantial increase in the value of gold.