100 gm Valcambi Silver Combibar 10 x 10

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The Benefits of Investing in Silver CombiBar™

Investing in bullion is a smart move to protect your assets and secure your financial future. However, not all bullion is created equally. If you're considering investing in Silver bullion, you should consider the unique benefits of Silver CombiBar™. This innovative product offers the flexibility of smaller bullion bars combined with the convenience of a larger investment size bar. In this blog post, we'll explore the benefits of investing in Silver CombiBars™ and why they make a great addition to any bullion portfolio.

Flexibility of Smaller Bullion Bars

The Silver CombiBar™ by Valcambi offers the convenience of breaking the 100-gram sheet into 10-gram bars, providing the flexibility of smaller bullion sizes. This makes it easier to liquidate your investment gradually or sell only a portion when needed. The 10-gram bullion bars are also ideal for gifting or trading, making them an excellent choice for smaller transactions.

Quality and Authenticity

Valcambi, the Swiss bullion manufacturers, have a rich history of more than 50 years, making their CombiBars™ one of the most trusted investment products in the bullion market. Each bar contains .999 fine Silver and comes with a protective plastic packaging and a numbered assay card, ensuring the quality and authenticity of the product.


Investors know that diversification is key to mitigating investment risk. Silver CombiBars™ allow you to diversify your investment portfolio with a range of investment sizes, from 10-gram bars to 100-gram sheets. This way, you can invest in various nominal values while maintaining the same fineness of purity.

Easier to Store and Transport

Silver CombiBar™ is easier to store and transport than conventional Silver bullion. Instead of cumbersome and heavy bars, you can have a sheet of CombiBars™ weighing 100 grams, making it easier to store in a safe or transport when needed. Additionally, if you need to move your investment, you can disassemble it easily and transport it to your desired location.

Easy to Liquidate

When it comes to liquidity, Silver CombiBars™ are one of the most convenient silver investment options available in the market. You can sell the entire sheet or individual 10-gram bars to multiple buyers, making it easier to liquidate your investment gradually or in bulk. Moreover, since each bar comes with an assay card, you can expect a smooth and hassle-free transaction when selling.

Investing in Silver CombiBars™ by Valcambi offers great flexibility, quality, and diversification. The ability to break down the sheet into smaller bullion bars provides ease of liquidity and storage while expanding your opportunities for trading smaller units. Plus, they are easier to transport, making them a perfect choice for investors who are on the go. With these benefits, Silver CombiBars™ make a great addition to any bullion portfolio. Don't hesitate, add this unique product to your cart today!
Valcambi Silver Combibar
Valcambi Silver Combibar
100 gm Valcambi Silver Combibar 10 x 10